Take a Peek at 3 Raw Food Salad Creations, Easy to Make and Delicious

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There are lots of raw food salad creations with additional ingredients that guarantee you won’t get bored. Salad is a food that doesn’t make people bored.

Therefore, it is not surprising that salad is the simplest and easiest food. Salad itself is not only famous in Indonesia. However, the salad is already well-known abroad. Due to its increasing popularity, salad creations are not just one or two.

Making your own salad is very easy, it doesn’t take much time. In just a few minutes, you can enjoy this healthy and delicious meal. It’s just that you have to prepare a lot of salad ingredients. So that you can enjoy it with satisfaction.

Take a Peek at 3 Raw Food Salad Creations, Easy to Make and Delicious

Various Raw Food Salad Creations

There are many raw food salad creations, each creation providing extraordinary deliciousness. Now consuming healthy food is starting to become the most important part of a healthy pattern and lifestyle. One of these foods is salad.

Processed raw vegetables using dressing to enhance the taste. Yup, the mental vegetable mix in the form of a salad is truly appetizing. However, not infrequently, due to ignorance of how to serve it, the taste of the salad becomes mixed up.

In fact, the key to creating a delicious salad is the dressing. Therefore, it is necessary to know the dress correctly. Apart from that, don’t be lazy to experiment with mixing and matching vegetables and toppings. Lastly, the most important thing is that the vegetables must be fresh. Immediately, here are some healthy salad creations for you to consume every day:

Wrap Salad

The first creation is a wrap salad wrapped in a tortilla. It’s best to choose a dressing with a creamy texture. Like dead base or honey mustard. Choosing a creamy dressing means the wrap is not too soft. For ingredients, you can use lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and sliced ​​eggs, and can be combined with meat or fruit.

Bawl Salad

One of the tempting recipes for a salad bowl is served with tuna. The ingredients for this salad are predominantly raw but fresh. You can combine tuna or salmon with water-rich fruit and vegetables such as cherry or mandarin tomatoes.

Unlike the wrap salad, the salad here can be drizzled with a dressing that has a more liquid texture. Not only that, you can use wasabi honey soy like Japanese soy sauce, slightly spicy, or Japanese Miso.

Protein Bowl Colors

The third salad is a protein bowl color, suitable for beginners who don’t like the dominance of vegetables. This food will better balance meat protein with fiber. Meat choices include beef, sirloin, boneless chicken breast, and salmon.

To make it more special, there is additional fiber, namely quinoa and brown rice with honey wasabi dressing. It is recommended that you only use one type of dressing for this recipe so that the taste comes directly from each vegetable and meat. So that was raw food salad creations that can be a healthy and delicious meal menu choice.