High Protein Recipes Guaranteed Delicious and Efficacious

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High-protein recipes don’t have to use expensive ingredients. There are lots of high-protein food ingredients at affordable prices.

Call it tofu, tempeh, and eggs. In addition, it will not be difficult to get these foodstuffs.

High Protein Recipes Guaranteed Delicious and Efficacious

High-Protein Cooking Recipes Ideas for Muscle Mass Building

The concept of high-protein food refers to foods low in fat and calories. Therefore, those who are on a diet always hunt for high-protein food menus.

In addition, foods with high protein are also effective for those who want to increase muscle mass.

The biggest benefit of protein is as an antibody and maintaining the body’s metabolism. Some of the following delicious protein-rich recipes are suitable to meet your daily nutritional needs.

Vegetable Omelette

Most children do not like to consume vegetables. To outsmart it, we can make a vegetable omelet.

The preparation of the ingredients is eggs, vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes and spinach. Cut all vegetables into small pieces.

This recipe is quite practical because it can be completed in no more than 7 minutes. Beat the eggs then add salt and pieces of vegetables earlier.

Fry the dough using olive oil until the eggs are cooked through and the vegetables are tender. You can also add grated cheese to arouse the child’s appetite.

Peanut Sauce Roasted Chicken

The second high-protein recipes is peanut sauce grilled chicken. This menu uses chicken breast filet as the main ingredient. First, please coat the chicken breast with the sauce mixture.

As a seasoning, combine peanut sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, salt, and pepper. Then, bake in the oven or grill until cooked.

Tofu Stew

Various processed tofu can be a meal dish with a family that is high in protein. The main ingredients are brown tofu and leeks. It is also okay to add quail eggs.

As a marinade, prepare onion, garlic, hazelnut and ginger. Blend all spices until smooth.

Also prepare additional seasonings in the form of sweet soy sauce, sugar, pepper, salt, and chicken broth powder. Roast the blended spices until fragrant.

Next, add the tofu and water. Continue by including all the additional seasonings. Wait until the moisture content shrinks. Sprinkle sliced leeks as a topping.

Soy Sauce Roasted Tempeh

Tempeh is a processed soybean that is loaded with protein. The last high-protein recipes is soy sauce roasted tempeh.

Cut the tempeh to taste, then soak it in the garlic seasoning and salt that you have pureed. Let stand until the marinade is absorbed, then fry until browned, drain.

Just like making satay, we need seasoning. Prepare sweet soy sauce, chili sauce, oyster sauce, ground pepper and salt. Mix all the spices spread.

Spread it onto tempeh that has been fried, then bake using Teflon. Wait until it is completely cooked while occasionally brushing the spread spices.

You can be creative in making other high protein recipes so that your little one doesn’t get bored. Remember that these nutrients are very important for the body. By making processed creations of high-protein foods, children will not suffer from protein deficiency.