High Protein Foods for the Elderly Must Be Fulfilled, Here’s the Menu

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High protein foods for the elderly are really needed. You need to know that the elderly need different nutrition from those of us who are still young. Because basically a person’s nutritional needs also depend on their age and gender. When someone enters old age, they must consume lots of foods rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and protein as well as other nutritional needs.

That’s not the only thing that should be a concern for the elderly. But they also have to reduce their consumption of added sugars, trans fats, salt and saturated fats. In reality, there are several elderly people with a history of chronic diseases.

This causes them to follow a special diet to keep their bodies healthy. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to food for the elderly with the aim of preventing them from malnutrition and other health problems.

High Protein Foods for the Elderly Must Be Fulfilled, Here's the Menu

Several High Protein Food Menus for the Elderly

There are several food menus that can help meet the nutritional needs of the elderly. First there are smoothies. Maybe this food menu is an example of liquid food that is practical and easy to make. In the manufacturing process, you can mix various types of vegetables and fruit which are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.

The aim is to meet the nutritional needs of the elderly themselves. But it’s not only that. This liquid food menu can also be served with the addition of cow’s milk then yoghurt or almond milk. So that the elderly’s needs for high protein and calcium consumption are increasingly met.

Pumpkin or Potato Soup

Not only smoothies are one of the food menus for the elderly to provide adequate nutrition and protein. They are also advised to consume thick pumpkin or potato soup.

Know that this thick shop is also an alternative to liquid food so that the elderly can stay healthy. This food menu is also a menu that is delicious but also healthy.

The main ingredients used in making this menu are potatoes or pumpkin. Steam the pumpkin or potatoes then mash them. Next, put the mashed pumpkin or potatoes back in a container with the chicken stock and then the mushrooms or other ingredients you want to add. You can also increase food nutrition by adding liquid milk to the thick soup.

Vegetable Salad and Chicken Porridge

It’s not enough to be a high-protein food for the elderly. Because vegetable salad is also a healthy food menu that is easy to make. The vegetables can be spinach then lettuce Then there are tomatoes then kale and avocado. For higher protein, add grilled chicken breast and boiled eggs and nuts. Meanwhile, for the salad dressing, pour one tablespoon of olive oil.

There is also chicken porridge which is still a healthy food menu for the elderly. White rice is cooked first in chicken broth. Don’t forget to add chicken pieces to the porridge as a source of high protein. It turns out that brown rice and free-range chicken soup is also a high-protein food menu for the elderly.

Apart from high and healthy protein, what other nutrients must be included in every elderly person’s diet? Namely, calcium helps maintain the health and strength of the elderly’s bones. Calcium deficiency makes elderly people more susceptible to osteoporosis.

Next is iron to maintain iron reserves in the body and vitamin C and vitamin D. Then folic acid and fiber and healthy fats. Lastly is high protein food for the elderly. Try to always pay attention to several nutrients that must be fulfilled in each food menu.